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7 October 2019
CMS ex­pands in Africa
South Afric­an and Kenyan law firms ad­ded to CMS’s glob­al...
21 Nov 19
CMS Glob­al Life Sci­ences & Health­care For­um 2019
Fu­ture fa­cing and pa­tient-cent­ric – in­nov­a­tion and...
04 Nov 19
In­tro­du­cing the FID­IC Em­er­ald Book
Earli­er this year FID­IC re­leased its new “Em­er­ald Book” – Con­di­tions of Con­tract for Un­der­ground Works. This ad­di­tion to the FID­IC suite seeks to fill a gap amongst stand­ard forms as a spe­cial­ist...
Sep 2019
In­tel­lec­tu­al prop­erty fast ac­tion pro­tocol dur­ing MWC...
In­ter­na­tion­al Dis­putes Di­gest 2019
04 Nov 19
Chinese Tax Reg­u­la­tion Up­date - Oc­to­ber 2019
The latest de­vel­op­ment in China Tax Reg­u­la­tion mainly in­cludes: An­nounce­ment [2019] No. 87 ("An­nounce­ment 87”), jointly re­leased by the Min­istry of Fin­ance (“MoF”) and the State Ad­min­is­tra­tion...
September 2019
CMS Life Sci­ences & Health­care Glob­al Bro­chure
24 Oct 19
Chinese Tax Reg­u­la­tion Up­date - Septem­ber 2019
The latest de­vel­op­ment in China Tax Reg­u­la­tion mainly in­cludes: SAT An­nounce­ment [2019] No. 31 (“An­nounce­ment 31”) An­nounce­ment [2019] No. 84, jointly re­leased by the State Ad­min­is­tra­tion...
Sep 2019
CMS European M&A Out­look 2019
Storms brew­ing: European M&A Out­look 2019
17 Oct 19
Shang­hai in­tro­duces policies to fur­ther pro­mote for­eign in­vest­ment
On 12 Septem­ber 2019, the People’s Gov­ern­ment of Shang­hai Mu­ni­cip­al­ity re­leased the Sev­er­al Opin­ions on Fur­ther Pro­mot­ing For­eign In­vest­ment (Hu Fu Gui [2019] No. 37, the “Opin­ions”). The Opin­ions...
Sep 2019
Dis­clos­ure pi­lot re­writes the rules on dis­clos­ure in...
In­ter­na­tion­al Dis­putes Di­gest - 2019
17 Oct 19
Delay ana­lys­is un­der the mi­cro­scope: com­mon sense wins out over meth­od­o­logy
A de­cision of an Aus­trali­an court last month has con­sidered the evid­en­tial re­quire­ments for prov­ing delay claims in con­struc­tion dis­putes. The de­cision com­ments on the rel­ev­ance of the 2nd Edi­tion of...
29 Aug 19
Es­ports view­er­ship – a closer look